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Our services for acquisition of Properties in Alanya

We will be happy to help you at every stage of your stay in Alanya, because our ultimate goal is your complete and unconditional satisfaction from a purchase made, problem-free maintenance of your property and your joy of the ownership.

In order to make this a reality, important is not only the purchase itself, but above all the professionalism of your Agency, which later on will represent your interests here.


Prior to buying properties in Alanya :

After receiving a request from you, we will contact you in the shortest possible time, to more accurately determine your preferences, and then offer you the best objects suiting specifically your request. Assistance in this will be provided by our experts, who did not just hear some time in the past about Alanya, but who lived, and still are living and working here for already many years.

 We will provide you with full information about the regions, real estate in them and all related procedures required to register in your name the title to the property selected by you.

After preliminary consultations, we will agree on a time convenient for you to arrive and examine the regions and various objects in them. If necessary, we will also arrange for you a survey tour with the reservation of a hotel and tickets.

On arrival in Turkey, you will be met by the personnel of one of our own offices, who will help you with the accommodation, showing and selection of objects, as well as with all stages of the processing of the title to the property selected by you.

When making a purchase together with us, we will be happy to reimburse you for a part of the costs associated with your arrival and the survey tour.

Some costs such as :

Airplane ticket to / from Turkey for your Buying trip.

Airport transfer from / to Antalya or Gazipasa airport

Free residence in our hotels during your tarriance in Alanya to buy your favorite property

In the process of buying :

Assistance in the acquisition and registration of Property in Alanya , full legal support of the deal, which includes:

. Detailed advice on all purchase procedures and the laws.

. Full verification and analysis of major and related documents, including existence of encumbrances, liens or mortgages.

Preparation of a purchase and sale contract in Turkish, English, Russian and Persian languages.

. Provision of a complete set of the constitutional documents of the construction company or the data on the seller of the Property, when we are dealing with purchasing secondary market real estate

Obtaining a tax number

 This procedure will take only 10-15 minutes of your time. The obtaining of the tax number requires your personal presence and the availability of your foreign passport.

Opening a bank account

BSR specialists will prepare for you all necessary documents, during the registration you will be accompanied by a English-speaking (or your mother tongue if necessary ) staff member, who will help you in communicating with employees of the bank, in case you have any further questions on the terms and conditions, bank deposits, etc.

 Important note: to open an account in a Turkish bank, the necessary condition is the availability of your internal passport translated into Turkish, or a valid residence permit issued in your name in Turkey.

Providing official translator’s services

 During the registration process, which is primarily concerned with providing a notarized power of attorney to representatives of the real estate Agency, which will carry out all the necessary procedures and actions for the transfer of the title to you, you will need official state translator’s services.

Accompanying for residence permission

Our Co-workers will accompany you in procedure of taking residence permission in case some frauds swindle you.


Arranging your health insurance

Living in a foreign country without any health insurance is something never advised, so that our co-workers would accompany you to take a proper health insurance as soon as possible.


After-sales services :

We want you to always feel totally confident, secure and comfortable, and reckon on our full support and services, even after the purchase of real estate.

For this purpose we have developed for you effective service packages that include all the services you may need during your living in Turkey or passing your vacations here, and for the most rapid adaptation in a foreign country.

Insuring your property and communicating with the insurance company on your behalf

One of the most important steps in ensuring the best safety of real estate acquired by you is its insurance, and it is no secret that this issue is particularly topical for those customers who are absent from Turkey for a long time.

You can insure your real estate against adverse effects of atmospheric and natural phenomena, from causing harm and damage by third parties, theft, malfeasance, fire, etc.

Depending on your specific situation, preferences and wishes during communications with a representative of an insurance company, we will select for you the most optimal option, which, in turn, will be the guarantee of safety and your peace of mind in times of absence from Turkey.

If during your absence an insured event occurs, you can be assured that our company’s staff will provide you with all-round assistance to promptly establish a connection with your insurance company and take appropriate steps to eliminate the damage caused.

Assistance in purchases of furniture, electronics and other small household items for your home

Creating coziness and comfort in a house is quite a pleasant, but, at the same time, very troublesome process, because sometimes even a smallest detail can play a major role in the interior of your new home, which is why it is so important to arrange together all your wishes, and in this our company’s specialists will be glad to help you.

With extensive experience in real estate and designing, as well as established liaisons with the best shops of the city, we will be able to offer you a wide variety of options for selecting furniture and household appliances according to your wishes at best prices.

To create your own inimitable interior, you can also order a non-standard variant of furnishing, as for us, we will offer you the services of experienced professionals, who will help you make your dreams come true.

Our staff will help you with the delivery, installation, assembly and decoration of the furniture and household appliances in your absence, which will allow you to save time and, on the second arrival, to cross the threshold of a house that is already completely ready for comfortable living.

Assistance in finding workers for minor repairs, designing and interior work

Our company’s specialists will help you find the best hands to remove any malfunctions in your house as soon as possible and at an optimal price. We are also pleased to offer you the services of professional designers and architects, who will help create a unique style of your house, will be able to offer the best color and texture solution for the interior and make real the dreams of genuine comfort and coziness.

Help with car rental

Turkey is a lovely multi-faceted country, independent research of which, we are sure, will bring you a lot of pleasure.

Many of our clients, preferring to enjoy the amazing sceneries, with which Turkey is so rich, from car windows and feel the ultimate comfort while on vacation, rent a car, in which our company’s personnel is always glad to help.

We will be happy to help you select the most suitable variant of a car, ensuring availability of all required supporting documents and insurances, for a required number of days at the best price. On a client’s request, the delivery of a car can be made directly to the airport or at any place that is convenient for you.

Help with buying a car

This question is usually the most topical for those clients who have decided to move to Turkey for permanent residence or who are in Turkey during a long period of time.

To buy a car in Turkey, you must have a valid residence permit. Our company’s staff will assist you in choosing a car and in negotiations with a representative of the firm chosen by you.

Organizing your outdoor activities, trips and tours

We believe that a holiday in your own house near the sea coast will give you only positive emotions and impressions, in diversifying a colorful palette of which you will be helped by a variety of tours and trips to the most diverse places in Turkey, which, we believe, will allow you to most fully imbibe the history and identity of this wonderful country, to see it in a completely different perspective and light.

Modern tourism sector can offer you a colossal range of services in organizing your leisure and recreation for every taste and purse, and our specialists, setting as their priority creating for you the most comfortable conditions, will help you find the most interesting option.


Due to various life circumstances, having been for a certain time in the role of a property owner, we not infrequently have to act as a seller too.

There can be quite a lot of reasons for selling property that was once acquired, these can be the need to purchase housing with a larger area, moving to another city or region, or the need in financial resources, which forces you to relinquish your house or apartments.

Our company’s specialists will gladly assist you in solving this matter. We will advise you on the optimal and most acceptable price, according to the current state of the real estate market and costs which were incurred by you in the course of the original purchase and registration, we will also place the information on the real estate object on our official sales web-site.

Our company’s staff will arrange showing your property to potential clients, help to draw up documents necessary to implement the transaction, discuss with you in detail terms and conditions of the contract and the sale. With years of experience in real estate, we will help you go through all the stages of selling quickly and professionally.

Help in extending the residence permit

The residence permit, obtained by you during the registration of the property in your name, may be extended after its expiry, should such a need arise.

Direct relatives (father and mother), spouses and children who have not yet reached the age of majority may obtain the residence permit together with the real owner of real estate.

Given the fact that the collection of necessary documents and applications, which must be filed to the department of foreign citizens of a particular region, is not always clear and simple for foreign citizens, our company’s employees will be happy to help you in resolving this issue.

We will relate to you in detail about the list of documents that you will need to obtain in your country of permanent residence (if needed), we will prepare all the necessary forms and applications, help with obtaining information letters from local government agencies and organizations, etc.

Being guided by many-years work experience, which allows us to save our clients' time, we can guarantee high-quality and timely performance of our work.


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